Ryan Moore – Editor-in-Chief

Hometown: San Francisco

Role at STOB: I’m in charge of the visual layout of the magazine and just making sure everything runs smoothly.

Obsessions: I’m pretty obsessed with The Walking Dead right now, but who isn’t?

Vacation or Staycation? Staycation, actually. I know that’s crazy, but I live in LA so I have nice weather and beaches all year. When I’m not working, just want to lay in bed and sleep.

What’s your type of beauty? Casual beauty, because I love being comfortable. I don’t think you have to sacrifice style if you’re the type of girl who prefers jeans over a skirt or a knit over a crop top. Wear what feels right.

Lauren Judd – Managing Editor

Hometown: London

Role at STOB: I oversee all of the sections, specifically Beauty, Fashion and Hair.

Obsessions: I love to travel. That’s probably my main obsession. I think you just learn so much when you experience other cultures.

Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds? Haha. Gosling!

What’s your type of beauty? Classic beauty. I love red lipstick and staple pieces that you can mix and match, but that aren’t necessarily trendy. I think shopping should be an investment and beauty should transcend time.

Jamie Hoffman – Features Editor

Hometown: Phoenix

Role at STOB: I write for the Beauty section and I edit Health and Lifestyle.

Obsessions: Paddleboarding, SoulCycle, bonfires in Malibu, those candy sales after holidays.

House of Cards or OITNB? Orange is the New Black. Love them both though.

What’s your type of beauty? I think beauty should be effortless. I don’t like to spend forever getting ready in the morning and I think there’s so much beauty in subtly. It’s not just what you look like, it’s the whole package.

Morgan Thompson – Editorial Assistant

Hometown: Miami

Role at STOB: I write for the Beauty and Health Sections and help edit and produce new content for the rest of the magazine.

Obsession: I love Rihanna and Sam Smith. I eat a ton of salmon. I also hike a lot. Usually Runyon, but sometimes I’ll hike to the waterfalls in Malibu.

Instagram or Snapchat? Instagram. Where do the snapchat pictures even go?

What’s your type of beauty? I think a little edginess or attitude is nice when it comes to style and makeup. It’s all about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously. Beauty is art, so just express yourself.

Alicia Stein – Social Media Assistant

Hometown: Seattle

Role at STOB: I run the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. So you should all follow because they’re awesome.

Obsessions: I love animals, everything having to do with summer, Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream and bad chick flicks.

Cats or cats? Probably cats.

What’s your type of beauty? I like femininity, because I don’t think there’s enough of it anymore. Subtly little girly details are so beautiful to me. You should take pride in not only how you look, but how you present yourself to the world.