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Where Are the Goonies Now?

The iconic cult classic film, The Goonies celebrated its 30th birthday this year on June 7th! Our favorite group of mischiefs written by Steve Spielberg, are all grown up! Where is Chunk and the gang out now? Let's find out!

Jeff Cohen : Chunk

Everyone's favorite candy bar eating Goonie, "Chunk" aka Jeff Cohen is now 40 and writing. He has attended the University of California, Berkeley, went on to law school and then founded the Cohen Gardner LLP in 2002.

Cohen only acted for a few years after Goonies, and was in a few episodes of Family Ties. His last listed acting job was in 1991 for Perfect Harmony, another tv movie.


Sean Astin; Mikey

The leader of the crew, Mikey aka Sean Astin, is now 44 and having a fruitful career.

After playing Mikey in The Goonies, Astin went on to star in other box office hits such as, Like Father Like Son, Toy Soldiers, Lord of the Rings and of course, Rudy in 1993. Recently, he's starred in the eminent FX show The Strain.

He's also had a fantastic voice-over career as Raphael in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Corey Feldman; Mouth

Feldman is 43 and has been married twice, once to actress Vanessa Marcil and another time to Susie Sprague until 2009.

After Goonies, he did a reality show, The Two Coreys.  After acting started to slow down for Feldman, he went to become part of the cast on the Surreal Life reality show in the early 2000's and released a record, Former Child Actor.


Josh Brolin; Brand

Josh James Brolin, 47 is an American actor. He 's known primarily for his film work. Life after Goonies for Brolin was a sweet one. He later went on to appear in the films Bed of Roses, Mimic, The Mod Squad, Hollow Man, and Into the Blue.

Josh Brolin's first movie as Mikey's older brother Bran, launched his Hollywood career. Throughout the 80's and early 90's, Josh acted in a lot of TV movies and starred on a TV series called The Young Riders.

Finding his way back to film, Brolin has starred in very successful movies such as Milk, No Country for Old Men, American Gangster and True Grit.


Jonathan Ke Quan; Data

Before The Goonies, Jonathan starred in Indiana Jones and after the hit movie, he was featured in a couple of  things like Head of the Class, then the movie Encino Man.

Quan graduated from USC and studied martial arts . From there, he went on to work as a stunt choreographer on various films.

After the early 1990's, he's stopped acting and his last known acting job is in 2002.


Kerri Green; Andy

Kerri is now 48 and owns a launch production company, Independent Women Artists. Since the Goonies, she has directed one of the company's movies, Bellyfruit in 1999. She still writes screenplays and has starred in a 2012 film called Complacent.

Green was a new young actress after The Goonies came out in 1985. The next year, she starred in Lucas. She made a few guest appearances on shows like, "Murder, She Wrote and ER, but hasn't done a lot of acting after the mid-1990's.


Martha Plimpton; Stef

Martha Plimpton 44, is another actress that has really made a name for herself since her glasses-wearing Goonie days.  Plimpton has starred on award winning show Grey's Anatomy and most recently Raising Hope. She's also won an Emmy for her work on The Good Wife in 2012.

Martha has been very outspoken about women's rights, including abortion rights. In 2014, Plimpton wrote an essay for the website and titled it "Abortion, Shame, and the Right to Deny me my Rights."

          "Goonies Never Say Die"