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The Benefits of Vitamin C for Your Skin

How many times in your life have you been told to take vitamin C to support your immune system? Dozens? More than that, maybe? Well, you might start hearing more people suggest vitamin C for skin health, too. 

Vitamin C is growing in popularity in the skincare industry, mainly because it works! The research is in, and vitamin C is a potent way to improve your skin’s health and appearance. Let’s take a deeper look so you can understand why vitamin C products should rise to the top of your new, improved skin treatment routine.

Benefits of Vitamin C for Your Skin

You already think of vitamin C as a healthy nutrient that your body needs, and you know vitamin C can be found in many foods, but do you really know what vitamin C does?

Skin Regeneration

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant. One of its primary duties is to ward off everyday oxidative stress that can impair your body, inside and out. The best part is when it’s working on the outside of your body, namely your skin, to rejuvenate skin cells. 

Protect Your Skin

As mentioned above, those antioxidants are busy warding off common oxidative stress. Using a topical antioxidant or a product that includes vitamin C can help protect your skin from daily nuisances like UV rays and pollution. 

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Promotes a Youthful Complexion

From the inside and out, vitamin C is there to keep your immune system healthy, which can play a role in helping your skin maintain its youthful look, and it helps you feel better, too.

Acids Have a Plumping Effect

The highly acidic nature of vitamin C means that, when used topically, it triggers the skin to begin cycling by supporting the production of elastin and collagen – two crucial natural protein fibers in your skin that support a plump and firm texture. 

Reduces the Appearance of Age Spots

Vitamin C also inhibits melanin production. Melanin is what gives your skin its color, but with exposure to the sun and age, your skin starts having the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and you get age spots. Vitamin C works to prevent these spots or reduce their appearance.

How to Get the Most From Your Vitamin C

The best part of vitamin C is that you can use it orally and topically. You already know which foods are packed with this healthy vitamin. Now it’s time to turn your attention to the products you can use to make the most of vitamin C.

Use an Eye Serum

It’s up to you to check the ingredients on the products you use. It’s a great idea to start with an eye serum containing naturally-derived botanicals that aid in hydration and skin-soothing benefits. It’s best to use one ripe with ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile extract, and green tea extract that nourish the fragile skin, which is typically the first area to show signs of aging. These ingredients can help boost the effects of vitamin C, so they make a perfect combo. Your primary concern might be your appearance, but the protective nature of an eye serum is important, too.

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Find a Moisturizer

Retinol not only encourages collagen rejuvenation, but it works with your vitamin C products to help increase the absorption of nutrients while also hydrating. The result is a more soft, youthful-looking appearance. 

Take a Supplement

While many fresh foods have vitamin C and some processed ones are fortified with it, you still might not be getting enough. Taking a vitamin C supplement or a multivitamin containing vitamin C is great for your health and appearance. It’s also something to consider adding as you work to shore up your immune system.

Vitamin C is one of nature’s best gifts for your immune system, your body’s health, and your skin’s appearance. You can load up on vitamin C by adding healthy foods to your regular diet and selecting products that focus on the strength of naturally occurring ingredients to get incredible results. 

If you’re serious about finding the best skincare secrets nature has to offer, including vitamin C into your regimen is a great place to start. You’ll get the benefits of naturally derived botanicals as if Mother Nature created a healthy skincare regimen just for you.