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Is It Time For A New Job?

Does it take you 10-15 minutes to convince yourself not to call in sick and actually go to work?
Do you wake up hoping for a phone call about how the office burned down and work is cancelled until further notice?
Do you daydream about burning down your office?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, it's probably a good time to start looking for a new job (and maybe some professional help you pyromaniac.)

For many people, there are a number of issues that lead to their state of unhappiness at their current job. For instance, many employees feel unappreciated, undervalued, overworked and underpaid. Leaving your job is a serious decision that requires a great amount of thought.

So, how do you know when it's time to jump ship? Well, you'll know it's time to go when you've stopped entertaining any/all thoughts of staying.

Most employers encourage their employees to talk to them if they have a problem. Employers don't want their workers to be unhappy because unhappy employees tend to slack off or under perform when they feel unappreciated, which, in turn, is bad for business. If your boss has an open door policy, take advantage of it. Go in there and explain to him or her how you are feeling. If you don't talk to them, how will they know? Create an open dialogue with your boss and work together to find a solution to the problem.

If you have tried talking to your boss, but still feel like your concerns are not being addressed, it might be a good time to set up a formal meeting with them. Explain how their lack of commitment to finding a solution to the problem at hand makes for an unhealthy work environment. Tell your boss how it makes you feel when they neglect working with you to solve certain issues.

If you have taken the above steps and then some, but are still unsatisfied at your job, it's time to move on. Life is too short to work somewhere you hate. I know that sounds super cliche, but it's true, especially when the majority of workers spend more time at the office than at home. Spending that much time at a place you dislike is not conducive to a healthy and happy life.

In all seriousness, if you're feeling stressed out about your job to the point of it causing you physical and mental anguish, you should definitely consider finding a different job.