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Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Program is a 100% drug free dietary supplement that is scientifically formulated with a marine complex AminoMar, which promotes existing healthy hair growth from within. I found it through this  Consumer Survey website. I read some other Viviscal reviews and decided to do my own. I know some of the other contributors are also working on hair growth vitamin reviews so it should be interesting how each of us likes our products.

My Viviscal Review Story

I have very coarse, thick hair that has gotten much worse with age. My hair has been thinning for awhile. I have a pretty high stress life. I've woken up to a handful of hair on my pillow. Since I was a teenager, I have straightened, permed, colored, and flatironed my hair a lot. I think all of that is starting to really catch up with me. As I am in my 40s, I was worried. It doesn't grow as fast as it used to either. I tried different types of hair and skin vitamins, but none of them worked well for me. I started using Viviscal after much deliberation because of the price. I decided to give it a try.

My hair has grown one inch in two months.  I take 2 tablets daily, in the morning and evening. I was expecting more growth but I did get a boost of energy when I first started taking the pills, which for a overworked mommy like me is always a good thing. This did eventually affect my sleeping pattern though. My family is on a tight budget I don't think one inch in two months is worth the $40 each month. Also, yesterday my friend pointed out Viviscal has shark powder in it…gross. I'm not even sure what that does.

My main goal when buying these pills was to make my hair grow faster; and it didn't. I also was expecting it would help prevent my hair from shedding so bad, but, again, it hasn't helped with that either.

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Viviscal Review Summary

In a summary, I'm definitely quitting these  supplements. At current price I'm not sure it's what's right for my budget considering I didn't see a lot of change in the growth of my hair. Not only I don't want to put shark or whatever other things they use as the ingredients, but also it's not helping me at all. So I don't want to keep wasting my money. I'd love to hear from anyone in the comments who has tried this product. Please let me know how it worked for you.