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Review: Megafood™ Skin, Nails & Hair

The herbs in MegaFood™ Skin, Nails & Hair, which are purifying and help balance hormone levels, are designed to promote skin that is radiant and clear. This product will also nourish and strengthen the growth of nails and hair and help give you that healthy glow you've always wanted. They are non-GMO verified and they are easily digestible, meaning they can be taken before eating anything. These supplements are intended for anyone looking for a hair growth supplement that is natural and doesn't disturb a sensitive stomach.

The Buzz

Many customers had great success with this supplement. Their testimonials rave that MegaFood Skin, Nails & Hair made their hair and nails grow stronger and faster and their skin glow. Some even noticed that their acne flare-ups subsided completely while using the product.


Other users, however, did not have such great results. One user said that they've used almost the entire bottle, but their nails were still soft and brittle and the were still shedding a lot of hair in the shower.

Another customer had not seen any difference after a month. They stated that not only was their hair not growing, but that they think they were shedding more since using the product.

First Impression

I have a really big problem with my nails being weak and brittle. They break at the slightest bend and it is so frustrating that I can never grow my nails long. My hair also tends to break easily. I wanted to find some hair vitamins that could help both my nails and hair become stronger and maintain their length.

I used the product religiously for a couple of months, and although I did notice a bit of results, I didn't see the results I was really hoping for. My nails and hair seemed a bit stronger after a while, but the results did not last. I was still dealing with some split ends and weak nails that broke easily.

My Obsessions

My Critiques


The Verdict

I wanted something to help me grow hair faster and strengthen my nails and hair, and this product seemed like it had all the right aspects, including natural ingredients that would be gentle on my stomach. However, after using MegaFood Skin, Nails & Hair for some time, I did not see the great results that the product claimed to be able to deliver. I only saw very minimal results, so I was pretty disappointed. I think I'll be looking for a more potent supplement in the future.