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Review: Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick

Mac Cosmetics is famous for their bold, signature lipstick shades. Their most popular red lipstick by far is Ruby Woo. It is a classic matte red that is apparently irresistible to women of every color. It even inspired Rihanna to create a "RiRi Woo" color for her collaboration with Mac in 2013.

The Buzz

Ruby Woo is the go-to red matte lipstick on the market. It is a cult product coveted by everyone from beauty bloggers and makeup artists to women new to lipstick all together. It is infamous for being extremely drying, which seems to be the only negative thing customers have to say about the product. Since the red is flattering on pretty much everyone, it's a sacrifice most girls are willing to make for that classic bold lip.

First Impression

I expected Ruby Woo to be dry, but seriously? Regardless, the color is as amazing as I imagined. When I'm feeling too lazy to do my make up, I can usually get away with naked eyes and this bold lip. It also goes from casual to glam effortlessly. I definitely have to make sure my lips are very well moisturized before applying, though that does take away from the beautiful matte finish. It's a balancing act.

My Obsessions

My Critiques

The Verdict

I don't care, I think Ruby Woo is a lipstick every girl should have in their vanity. It's a bestseller for a reason. It's timeless red that compliments any skin tone. This lipstick is definitely a little uncomfortable to wear, but we've all dealt with worse in the name of beauty.

Ruby Woo retails at Mac Cosmetics for $16.