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Review: Hask Argan Oil Healing Shine Hair Treatment

In recent years, argan oil has attained a lot of media attention and thus has gained a lot of popularity on the market. Millions of individuals of all ages and backgrounds want to get their hands on any product that reads "argan oil" but just because a product contains argan oil doesn't mean you're getting the real deal. Not all products are worth your time. Hask's Argan Oil Healing Shine Hair Treatment is said to be one of the best. I wanted to find out first hand how true that is.

The Buzz

The reviews for Hask's Argan Oil Treatment has been overwhelmingly positive. Customers claim that it moisturizes their hair and helps reverse some of the damage from dying and using heat tools.

First Impression

I decided to utilize this product because my hair was very, very dull. It literally had no life. It looked worse than the bottom of an old broom. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating quite a bit but you get my point. I wanted to bring life back into my locks, and this treatment did just that for me.

My Obsessions

My Critiques

The Verdict

Overall, this is a great, inexpensive hair treatment. For the price, it's worth it just to try and decide for yourself. I do think there are other argan oil products that have worked better for me, but this one definitely does what it claims to do. The best treatment in my opinion is still a deep conditioner mixed with essential oils like argan, coconut and jojoba.