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Review: Hairfinity Hair Growth Vitamins

Hairfinity hair growth vitamins are a dietary supplement formulated to promote hair growth by nourishing the hair from the inside out. The vitamin is promised to provide new growth that is stronger, thicker and more vibrant.

What Others Are Saying

I have read many reviews suggesting this product actually does work in the aspect of hair growth. Many people have come to agree that Hairfinity has had an effect on their hair but not all recommend the use of this product. Along with the happy go lucky customers who believe to have drastic results, I have read some not so lucky reviews of customers complaining about acne breakouts and extreme thinning hair.

 My Experience

I have natural, thick, type 4a curly hair. Although it normally grows at a fair rate, my breakage from excessive color dye/minimal deep conditioning has left me with a clogged drain and unhappy roommate. I definitely needed to revitalize my hair. Plus, some extra length to grow out these dry ends could never hurt. I figured if so many people say it actually grows your hair, why not try this magical Hairfinity pill?

I ordered through their website, which wasn't too painful. The packaging was nice and shipping didn't take too long. After about two weeks with Hairfinity I was semi happy with the results. I could tell my fro looked a bit fuller but honestly with big hair it takes some time to notice length growth. Now, what I could easily notice is the two infected pimples I had on my chin and forehead. Given the fact I was coming off my menstral, I let mother nature take the first blame. I did not start questioning the product until a week after when my two pimples seemed to be establishing a basketball team on my face! Yes, I was highly disappointed, especially because I rarely ever get pimples and I passed that awkward puberty stage years ago. It was not a pleasant experience.

Not wanting to stop using the product, I did purchase a second bottle. I'm really in need of a boost of growth to grow out my golden birds nest that is supposed to be a blonde, ombre. I figured their customer service team could provide some solutions to get rid of all of this unwanted acne. It only took about…forever for someone to answer the phone and then immediately assumed it was because something I was doing wrong. They suggested that the problem was that I don't drink enough water. So I guess the half gallon jug of water I carry with me to work is to rewater the office slip and slide. After the first week on my second bottle I came to two realizations. The first one is if I drink any more water I might drown and the second one is that Hairfinity is not for me.

What I Liked

What I Didn't Like



I am not only displeased with some of the acne scars I have on my face but also with the customer service who could not provide thorough explanations. Yes, the product may actually promote hair growth but I am not too sure about the stronger, vibrant hair portion. The fact that their customer service would blame your health habits rather than question their ingredients makes their product seem like a gimmick. I am all for hair growth supplements but not if the negative effects outweigh the positive and the company can't even tell me why! In conclusion, I will probably never use this product again. Sorry to let down any Hairfinity fans or interests.