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Review: Hair La Vie Vitamins

So many of you remember my disaster with bleaching my hair a few months ago right? It was a really rough time for me because I actually ended up having to cut my hair pretty short. This kind of broke my heart since I love my hair and it means so very much to me. I have always had beautiful longer hair and now it's almost to my ears.

So after the forced haircut I decided to try some hair growth supplements. A few of our writers have been trying a variety of hair growth pills but so far the ones with the best turn out was when Lucille reviewed Hair La Vie. Since that turned out so good I decided to do my own Hair La Vie review. I have been take it for two months now. First, let's do a little history of the product.

Hair La Vie is relatively new only about two years old. The company was started by a stylist who'd grown tired of seeing unhealthy, chemical laden products on the shelves. She also had a hard time moving up as a woman in the business. Hair La Vie is made with all-natural, clinically proven ingredients. It has 16 active ingredients which includes Saw Palmetto Berry powder (the natural version of Minoxidil, the main ingredient in Rogaine), biotin, organic kelp powder and lots of antioxidants.)

My Personal Hair La Vie Review

After being super sad about cutting my hair, I decided to try Hair La Vie. I ordered online and it was shipped pretty fast, like I got it within 3 days I think. I took it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. I also made sure to drink a lot of water because I remember reading about that in the Biotin supplement article. I tried to eat better but let's be honest, ice cream and pizza tastes too good to give up.

After the first month I noticed how more hair was becoming more glossy and shiny. It just looked healthier overall. Although Hair La Vie is a little more pricey I decided to keep going for the next month. My hair grew almost two inches in a month! Previously it was only growing just over 1 in. a month so I was really happy with almost an entire extra inch in a month. I was so relieved. I just bought for the next three months because it's cheaper when you buy multiple and now that I know it works I want to make sure not to miss a day.

The tops things I noticed were a boost of energy, shinier hair, less split ends and faster hair growth. I'm not going to lie. I was a little nervous at first thinking I would start growing hair in places I didn't want to but that was not the case. I did not suddenly get a beard, haha, how awkward would that be though.

What I Liked:
What I Didn't Like:

Hair La Vie Review Summery

Hair La Vie didn't "save" my hair but it definitely brought it back to life and has been helping it grow back out after I lost my mind and tried home bleaching. I liked the new growth and how my scalp felt. I wish they sold bigger bottles of it but they do give a discount if you buy multiple bottles. You can check them out at and your first purchase gets you a 10 percent discount. I highly recommend them. I will do another update on my hair in three months.