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Review: Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo

The Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo is a one of a kind dry shampoo for all hair types that absorbs oils and imperfections while adding volume. It absorbs odor while providing body and fullness, it leaves hair feeling fresh and clean! It's lightweight and easy to use. The micro powder blends in perfectly with hair color, (supposedly) leaving no white residue behind.

The Buzz

This product is amazing because you don't even need to use that much of it for it to work. When I use it, I simply spray it directly at the top of my head and work it in with my fingers. It feels and smells like I just blow dried my hair! A lot of other reviews have been complaining of the smell, but it smells very fresh! It's extremely strong, but not in a bad way! In order to test if you can stand the smell, I would recommend to just go into the store and try it out. I love it, wouldn't try anything else!

First Impression

I've tried countless dry shampoos (low and high end) and this one by far is the best on the market. First off, I love the smell. It manages to be powdery and fresh, yet has a subtle, sexy muskiness to it.

It actually gets rid of the odors in my hair, leaving behind a pleasant scent, rather than just coating my hair with a synthetic fragrance. It also helps refresh my hair for a long period of time. While most dry shampoos only help temporarily, this makes my hair feel fresh and clean until late into the night. I also like that it gave my hair volume, without making it sticky, matted, or stiff.

Unfortunately, it did leave a very obvious white residue in my dark brown hair. I'm getting around this by spraying onto my hair before going to bed. The residue (and oil) absorb overnight, so I can style my hair in the morning with minimal products.

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The Verdict

I have tried so many dry shampoos, and thought they just didn't work on me. Let me tell you, I grabbed this one sprayed a little on my head and it was magic! My hair had gone from terrible to fantastic in less than a minute. Life can get crazy, so I use this all the time being a full time student with two jobs. This dry shampoo lasts for days and is also a really great tool for giving some volume!

The original Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo retails at Sephora for $22