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Low Cal, Low Key Pumpkin Spiced Coffee

There's something about Fall that warms our hearts. The smoggy sky, the discolored palm trees, and the cool breeze from your AC. What? I live in LA. We don't actually get a "fall," we create it with a certain mindset, fashion, and a lot of pumpkin spiced lattes.

Which brings me to something we created here at the Some Type of Beauty test kitchen that we like to call The Pumpkin Spiced Rebel. We kept this recipe simple enough for you to make in a pinch or in the office coffee maker.

What You'll Need:

We urge our "rebels" to shy away from the instant stuff and get some ground espresso from your favorite coffee shop or grocery store. Even better? Get whole espresso beans and grind it up yourself.

We went with the powder but there were plenty of flavored syrups available. We separately added an extra oomph of allspice and cinnamon to make it more warming. We simply mixed in these spices with the coffee grounds, using a tablespoon (or two) of each for 5-6 tablespoons of coffee. 

Optional additions:

Sure you can enjoy a black cup of pumpkin spiced coffee but a creamy component adds that luxurious indulgence for which you seek. You can very well use a sweetened creamer (yes, pumpkin spiced creamer exists) and call it a day. We're all about building flavor, so we went with something simple like almond milk. Added bonus if it can be warmed.

For us sweet coffee drinkers, this was the most important aspect. We wanted to find something with a little more depth than plain white sugar. So we suggest something like honey, agave, real maple syrup or brown sugar. We loved the maple syrup, which not only added sweetness but also nutrients.

Whipped cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice or all of the above.

Using a light hand with these additional touches will create a luscious concoction you won't want to put down. That green siren will look less enticing knowing you can be the barista of your own aromatic and autumnal caffeine fix. And if the heat won't quit, pour this elixir over ice like a true Angeleno.