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How to Care For An Autistic Child

This story has truly touched a large part of my heart. I have an autistic child of my own and let me tell you, raising my child has been by far the most difficult task placed upon my life. I love my child dearly, but if I were to tell you raising an autistic child is like raising any other child, I would be lying right through my teeth.

There are moments when I feel completely drained and sometimes useless. I can't count the number of times I have had someone murmur something along the lines of me being an unfit parent. I have even had someone publically embarrass me by calling my child the "spawn of Satan". I try and try and try to keep my composure, but there are moments where I lose it and I let that embarrassment build up anger towards my child.

I am so blessed to have come across this story to know that I am not the only one. We are parents, but we are human. I am also so very thankful to know there are people out there who support me through tough times, even if it's by not judging me. It's the simple things in life that matter the most.