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First Date Fashion Dos and Don'ts

Planning for a first date can go from exciting to an entire ordeal in a second. Though it may not seem like it during your hectic date prep, the style dos and don'ts for creating that perfect first impression are simple and can be broken down into 10 basic guidelines. C'mon, don't we always have your back?

Do - Look Amazing

It may be vain, but first physical impressions hold a lot of weight in the beginning of a potential relationship. Before your date has a chance to fall in love with your killer personality, knock him out with an outfit that says: "No you have not been Catfished. I'm actually this stunning in person."

Don't - Overdo it

Be careful not to pile on too many accessories or go overboard with the makeup. When in doubt, less is more. Always aim for simple. You want his focus entirely on you.

Do - Dress Confidently

The first date is the perfect opportunity to break out your best outfit. It doesn't have to be a LBD and heels, but it should give you confidence in your body and accentuate your best assets. Basically, choose an outfit that's so amazing you'd want to be buried in it.

Don't  - Obsess Over Trends

There is a very fine line between trendy and tacky. Of course it's helpful to be conscious of what's "in" and what isn't, but always maintain your personal, independent style. You don't need to look like you fell out of the pages of Vogue.

Do - Be Yourself

Dress honestly. The whole point of dating is to see if you and your date are compatible enough to possibly pursue a relationship. The only way that will work is if you present yourself in your most authentic form. Don't show them who you think they want to see. Show them what they're really getting.

Don't - Be Afraid to Show Some Skin

Keep it tasteful, of course, but you don't have to be a nun. A little leg never hurt anyone. Try to aim for flirty, not sexy. It should get a thumbs up from your best friend, but not give your father a heart attack, do you know what I mean?

Do - Dress Weather/Activity Appropriate

Don't be the girl freezing in a tiny jacket in January, or showing up to a picnic in a mini skirt. Dress for the day you're going to have. You don't want your clothes to limit you. You want to be comfortable and able to participate in everything that you two have planned.

Don't - Wear Uncomfortable Shoes

There is nothing in this world worse than shoes that kill your feet. Stumbling around in four inch stilettos is fun for no one. A stylish pair of flats, or a more reasonable pair of heels, is the best way to go.

Do - Plan Ahead of Time

Spare yourself a lot of drama by planning your outfit, hair and makeup ahead of time. I'm not talking days in advance or anything, but if you're going out for dinner, consider picking out your clothes that morning. That way, your sanity is likely to still be intact by that evening.

Don't  - Stress

You're dating, not filing your taxes. Chill out and allow yourself to have fun. When you relax, you come across more approachable and physically appealing. So stop primping, grab your keys and your purse and go live your life.