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Do Not Bleach Your Hair At Home

Ladies (and gentlemen), please heed my advice. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BLEACH YOUR HAIR AT HOME! I have learned this mistake in the saddest of ways. I tried to bleach my own hair and I might have ruined it.

How the Botched Bleaching Happened

I decided after seeing my cousin Candice's beautiful bleached hair. She dyed it herself and was just bragging about how easy it was. So for some crazy reason (a few fruity adult beverages) I thought it would be just as easy for me to do it to myself.

Off to Sally's Beauty Supplies we went (I was not driving). I got the bleaching powder and the volume 40 cream developer that Candice suggested. Then, I mixed it up and put in generously on my hair (I wish I took pictures of this entire process.) Then, I put a towel over my hair and waited. I was excited. I felt like I was about 16-years-old and doing something crazy that my mom would freak out about later but I am a 28-year-old woman who decided to do this all on my own.

So I took the towel off an hour and a half later and washed it all out. I didn't want to peek so I avoided the mirror. While washing it out that should been my first sign things were bad. My hair felt stiff and almost crunchy, like it had a bunch of gel in it but I'd put no gel in. It was really hard to brush while I was blow drying it. Then, after I blow dried it I looked in the mirror…It was a horror movie. Here's what I was looking at. Yes, I hid my face in shame.

I instantly started crying. My husband had that, "I'm a guy and have no idea what to do when girls cry," look in his eyes. I started researching but I still have no idea what I am going to do. Tomorrow I have an emergency appointment with my stylist. I really hope I won't have to cut it really short…I hope it can be salvaged. I'll let you know.

Ladies, any suggestions would certainly be helpful.


I just starting taking Hair La Vie hair growth vitamins. I will review it in a few months so keep checking back for that.