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Diy: Heatless Wavy Hair

Heatless waves are the easiest and safest way to curl your locks. We love this tutorial from Vivian Vo-Farmer. She has gorgeous long natural hair and has discovered the perfect heatless curl method around. Check out the tutorial below.

What do you need?

How to style:

1. Start with damp to almost dry hair.

2. Split the top layer of your hair into two sections.

3. Begin to twist around itself

4. Add more hair to each section you twist.

5. Twist all the way to the base of your hair .

6. Twist the rest of your hair tightly into a bun and tie it off with the hair tie.

7. Sleep on the hair and the next morning undo the bun and twists.

8. Don't brush your hair, run your fingers through it separating the curls.

9. Add hairspray and scrunch.

10. Enjoy your beautiful heatless waves! uWokn47A