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Green Tea for Skin 101: What You Should Know

Mmmm, green tea—a tasty treat that you know is good for you, but do you know why? And do you know that you don’t have to drink it to soak up all its benefits? 

Green tea has become a superhero ingredient, and for a good reason. Mother Nature really did right by us when she blessed us with this plant. Whether you’re sipping a glass of tea or using it in your favorite skincare product (and maybe not even realizing it’s there), it’s helping you live a healthy, happy, and more beautiful life. 

The Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea (camellia sinensis) leaf extract contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a catechin and polyphenol. Polyphenols are widely known for their antioxidant properties and the ability to support healthy collagen production. Why is this important?

Collagen is what gives your skin that youthful, plump appearance. When collagen breaks down with age, your skin begins to lose its elasticity, there is a reduction in epidermal thickness, and you’re suddenly more vulnerable to the everyday effects of the sun and typical oxidative stress. Unfortunately, the breakdown also becomes visible as you notice the appearance of more wrinkles, loss of visible moisture, and dullness. 

Interestingly, studies have shown that EGCG has a broad, beneficial effect on the skin, including increased hydration, moisture retention, and reduced appearance of wrinkles. In all, that leads to healthier and better-looking skin. That makes EGCG an extremely potent ingredient in any skincare regimen, and it’s easily accessible in green tea.

woman pouring green tea

Drinking Green Tea Is Good for You

Pour yourself a cup of hot green tea or enjoy a chilled glass of this naturally-occuring elixir, and learn why it’s so good for you.

♦ Remember those catechins; they can support your immune system.
Green tea can help support healthy blood glucose levels.
♦ Heart health could also be supported with a regular green tea habit.
Weight management! With caffeine, antioxidants, and EGCG, it’s believed that green tea can aid in fat burning, support your energy levels, which is perfect for exercise, and promote a healthy metabolism.

Those are some significant benefits with positive implications for your health, but there are some other benefits from green tea. These don’t require you to drink anything.

“Wearing” Green Tea Might Be Even Better

Applying a product containing green tea to your face gives you additional benefits that will make you look and feel better in no time. 

♦ Caffeine and tannins shrink blood vessels for a less puffy appearance.
♦ Antioxidants fight off typical oxidative stress, which can support your immune system. 
♦ Green tea has protective and rejuvenating abilities.
♦ EGCG promotes cellular health after exposure to sun and pollution.
♦ Minimizes visible signs of aging from sun damage, hyperpigmentation, rough texture, and the appearance of fine lines.
♦ Soothing quality that helps visible signs of common skin conditions

woman with green tea mask

Why Naturally Derived Products Are Best

One of the biggest reasons you want to transform your skincare routine over to a more naturally-derived approach is that botanically-rich products are incredibly effective while also being very gentle. They don’t contain unnecessary fillers or irritants that can have long-term effects on your skin or health.

Is Green Tea All There Is?

Of course not. Green tea is a great starting point because it’s powerful, well-known, and easy to find in your local grocery store and in your favorite products. But there are other plants and teas that you can turn your attention to for even more skincare benefits.

One, in particular, is chamomile extract because it's effective and soothing at the same time! Another ingredient we love is aloe vera, which is also a lovely botanical ingredient that encourages significant, visible results. It’s pretty easy to incorporate this ingredient into your skincare regimen, as you can find aloe vera in many high-quality products.

Green tea is so much more than a tasty beverage. It’s packed with healthy compounds that are great for your body when you drink them and incredible for your skin when you use products that contain green tea. It’s one of those delightful naturally-occurring ingredients that support a healthy version of you. 

You can find green tea in many different products for your skin. Use these products regularly to promote skin health and beauty while adding a layer of protection to your face.

If you’re looking for more ways to boost your skin health beyond green tea, Mother Nature comes through again with chamomile tea and aloe vera — two of our favorite ingredients.