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8 Chamomile Benefits for Skin

More than a delicious tea, chamomile (Matricaria recutita) flower extract is a supportive deep conditioning agent and skin cell rejuvenator with skin-soothing properties. If you’re wondering if this is the same chamomile you know from the tea shop — it is! But it’s also so much more. An article in the National Center for Biotechnology Information details all of the wonderful benefits of chamomile and suggests ways it can be used in the future to improve health. 

Benefits of Chamomile

Whether you drink chamomile, take it as a supplement, use tea bags, or select products with chamomile in them — you’ll find wonderful benefits from any and all methods of bringing chamomile into your skincare regimen.

1. Helps With Everyday Skin Blemishes

Common blemishes usually occur when pores get clogged with bacteria, which causes inflammation. Chamomile contains bisabolol, which is known to reduce the effects of bacteria on the skin. It’s often removed from chamomile and used for its medicinal benefits. 

2. Brightens and Rejuvenates Skin

Uneven skin tone and dark spots are common skin concerns and can be caused by a number of variables. A study in the International Journal of Pharmacognosy looked at several different agents that can brighten skin and found that chamomile was an effective and readily available compound.

chamomile tea

3. Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines 

Our face is one of the places on our body where the natural aging process becomes more noticeable. Fine lines and wrinkles are the first signs of aging, and using chamomile preventatively can reduce their appearance. Chamomile's high amounts of polyphenol and flavonoids should get the credit here for fighting free radicals.

4. Support Natural Cell Turnover

Topically, chamomile can support the natural growth process of healthy skin. Interestingly, a study compared chamomile to corticosteroids and found that chamomile is a smart choice when rejuvenating skin after common injury.

5. Soothes Common Redness 

Occasional redness is very uncomfortable and, at times, can be irritating. The bisabolol and other compounds included in chamomile can provide relief.

6. Psoriasis Relief

Like eczema, psoriasis is also a very common skin condition that causes discomfort and can cause emotional issues. Chamomile does not eradicate psoriasis, but some sufferers do report some easing of discomfort with this plant's use.

7. Sunburn Remedy

Chamomile is a popular home remedy for sunburns; its soothing powers quickly help reduce common irritation.

8. Refresh Your Eyes

If you suffer from “tired eyes,” try resting them with cooled-down used chamomile tea bags. Then, place them on your eyelids to see and feel the difference instantly. 

chamomile tea bags for skin

How to Take Chamomile

As mentioned, there are many ways to incorporate chamomile into your life. Probably the most common way is by drinking chamomile tea. It's easy to see why this is such a popular beverage with its mild and comforting flavor. 

The used tea bags can also prove beneficial. Once cooled, they can be placed on your skin to prompt a response and a soothing sensation. 

Chamomile essential oil is quite popular and is often mixed into bath water, lotions, massage oils, and put on compresses. If oil isn’t for you, you can try orally consuming chamomile supplements. Another very popular way to embrace chamomile and its benefits is to select skincare products that feature this ingredient and make the most of its natural powers.

A True Powerhouse 

There’s a whole lot in the little chamomile plant that makes it a true powerhouse for your skin. From being a healthy part of a skincare regimen to soothing your stomach and more, chamomile has been used for thousands of years for its health benefits. Chamomile is packed with flavonoids and polyphenols, which have numerous transformative properties.

If you’re interested in using chamomile to support your overall health, there are many different approaches you can take. Finding a high-quality product with safe and effective ingredients can help you see a noticeable difference in your skin in no time, but it’s more than just seeing — you’ll also feel the power of chamomile.