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Review: Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Liner

I'm the kind of person that appreciates a good winged liner. Also known as the cat-eye look when applied generously. I can marvel at it much like I would marvel at a fabulous work of art or musical composition. There's something about the finesse of that curved line across a person's lid that is absolutely exquisite. Some may express that it doesn't look good on them or that they don't have time for such luxuries. All I have to say to that is that there is a wing for every angel, even fallen. What I've learned in my many years of chasing the wing are the 3 P's— practice, patience, and product.

The practice and patience must come from within, young grasshopper. The product, however, will require a hunt. And hunt I did. Like everything cosmetically purposed, I wanted affordability and effectiveness. There are many mediums to use to achieve a winged line. These include eyeshadow or a gel pot applied with a slanted brush, or a standard eyeliner pencil, or a liquid liner. I knew I wanted the convenience and agility of a liquid liner; no brush to clean, no pencil to sharpen. More questions arose like do I want a brush tip or a felt tip? Do I want a glossy finish or a matte finish? Life is hard enough without these decisions to make.

Luckily, I didn't have to travel very far to find the liquid liner of my dreams. No really, I crossed the street into my local CVS.

Mind. Blown.

The Buzz

Milani Cosmetics has been giving other drugstore makeup a run for their money. They offer beautiful packaging, quality products, and a great deal. Low-end prices with high-end results? Yes please. Product focus here is the Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Liner in Blackest Black. Please don't shame the wing by drawing it in some ungodly color. Black is your wingman.

I did it, I took it there.  

I found out about this product through Claire Marshall of She's a former MUA who runs an uber successful blog and YouTube channel. Oh and she is an all around Goddess. I trusted her right away. Why? Good eyebrows. Even though that has nothing to do with eyeliner, I just don't trust people with bad eyebrows. Call it a modern phobia. Plus, she's clearly mastered this coveted look.

First Impression

Based on my past experiences of creating a wing with various products and failing miserably, I had some doubts about my skill. This product had a lot of potential and I had new found hope that things would finally turn around for me.

At first glance, it is a sleek pencil with a felt tip liner. Most MUA's and people with liner experience will tell you that a brush tip is a lot easier to use than a felt tip. Felt tips tend to be rough, fray with time, and drag the product across the lid creating a patchy and dull line. We want wings, not feathers.

This was the exception. It glided across my lid with the perfect amount of fluid. The tapered tip was able to create a sharp and delicate wing. Eureka! It took a few a tries to test the different shapes and thickness I could create by just changing the position of the pencil but I was finally able to get the look I wanted.

My Obsessions

My Critiques

*I found 1 bad batch out of the three I went through. Thank goodness for the return policy.

*It's obviously a hot product. You will feel that much more bad-ass when you get one and stock up!

The Verdict

I love trying new things and that goes for liquid liner too but I tend to be loyal when I find something that works for me. I've been loving this stuff for years and intend on continuing the love affair. My biggest fear is some big shot at Milani HQ trying to change the formula or discontinuing the product. This tends to happen to products to which I grow attached. For now, I recommend this to anyone in the pursuit of winged perfection.

Retail Sale $5.99 @ or $8.50 @ CVS stores