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11 Ways to Save Time In the Morning

I know you're hurting this morning. I'm all for the beginning of spring, but losing an hour of sleep will never not suck. Many of us aren't morning people at all, so sometimes we need a little help getting out of the door on time. The key to saving a few extra minutes in the morning is minimizing your morning routine. The more you prepare ahead of time, the longer you can sleep. Here are a few morning hacks to start your day off right.

1. Shower the night before


Shower, shave and wash your hair at night. Not only will it save you like twenty minutes, but you can also set your hair while it's wet in a braid or twists for effortless waves the next morning.

2. Pick out your clothes on Sunday

This one is hard for me because I go through five outfit options a day, but if plan all of your outfits on Sunday, it's one less thing to think about each day.

3. Pack your breakfast/lunch while you cook dinner

While you're already in the kitchen with food spread out in front of you, you may as well just pack food for the next day. Whether it's leftovers or a salad, set it aside so you can grab it and go in the morning.

4. Prepare your coffee the night before


Put your coffee and water in your coffee maker the night before, and set a timer so that the coffee starts brewing on cue. The only thing better than waking up to the smell of coffee is having a fresh pot ready for you when you roll out of bed.

5. Put your purse, shoes, keys, and anything you don't want to forget by the door

I lose so much time in the morning running in and out of my apartment for my purse, phone, laptop, whatever. It's easier to just put everything you'll need for the day by the door so you don't even have to second guess whether or not you have everything.

6. Make a To-Do list

Making lists is an art form. I take it very seriously. Pinning a To-Do list to your refrigerator will keep you organized and make sure you don't miss any steps in your routine.

7. Go to bed on schedule


If you go to bed on schedule and get enough hours of sleep, your body is less likely to wake you up in the middle of a sleep cycle. You'll wake up refreshed and rested, and you won't have to set 14 alarms that you'll just ignore anyway.

8. Check the weather forecast in the beginning of the week


Plan your commute and your outfits based on the weather. Knowing which day it's going to rain or snow, or which days will be unbearably hot, will keep you from having to run back in the house for a emergency wardrobe change.

9. Wake up in a warm room

The best thing in the winter is sleeping in a cold room under warm blankets. Ironically, the worst thing in the winter is having to get out from under your warm blankets and try to function in a room that is freezing. Keeping your room nice and toasty will make the transition from your bed to your bathroom much smoother.

10. Have a glass of water by your bed


Chugging water when you wake up gives you a boost of energy and jump starts your metabolism. It's also kind of a godsend for those days when you wake up really thirsty.

11. Crank up the music

I can't get dressed in the morning without turning on my Tove Lo Pandora station. Getting dressed to music helps you move at a faster pace, keep track of time and turn waking up so early into less of a drag. Seriously, what's better than dancing around in your underwear?


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